Call Boxes and Courtesy Phones

The UC San Diego Police Department provides call boxes in many campus parking lots and structures for a direct line to request police assistance or a safety escort.

Outdoor call boxes are being transitioned from a yellow box with a red or blue light on top to a blue tower with a blue strobe light. Additionally, there are multiple public address towers placed at main pedestrian thoroughfares. These towers are labeled “EMERGENCY” and double as call boxes. To use, lift the handset and/or press the button and you’ll be connected with police dispatch in 2-3 seconds. 

You can also contact the Police Department on courtesy phones located in or near buildings.


Parking Lots and Structures

  • P002 – Entrance to SIO southwest lot
  • P008 – Upper Hubbs Hall
  • P010 – IGPP, middle of lot
  • P017 – Stephen Birch Aquarium
  • P102 – North end at entrance
  • P206 – Near SunGod
  • P207 – East end by Faculty Club
  • P303 – UCSD Extension entrance
  • P359 – Hopkins and Northpoint by shuttle stop
  • P502 – North end
  • P510 – Center of lot
  • P602 – East end by entrance
  • P603 – East entrance
  • P701 – Next to baseball field
  • P702 – East end by bus stop
  • P703 – Center of lot
  • P704 – Southwest corner by pedestrian stairs
  • P704 – Shuttle stop at Regents Road
  • P785 – Health Sciences Drive
  • P785 – Athena Circle
  • Gilman Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level
  • Hopkins Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level
  • Pangea Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level

Other Locations

  • Bus stops at La Jolla Shores and North Torrey Pines
  • Hopkins Road between the fields
  • Northeast corner of Hopkins Road and Voigt Drive
  • Outside Village West Building 3
  • Par Course Station 13
  • Seaweed Canyon - in front of T-44
  • South of Rita Atkinson Residences at La Jolla Village Drive pedestrian bridge
  • Southwest corner of Voigt Drive and Gilman Drive

Public Address Towers

  • Library Walk – outside of Student Health
  • Library Walk – outside of Center Hall
  • Peterson Hill – outside of Cognitive Science
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Muir Uppers
  • Ridge Walk – outside of RIMAC Arena
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Biology
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Bonner Hall
  • School of Medicine – outside of Biomedical Library
  • School of Medicine – outside of Stein Clinical Research
  • SIO – outside of Ritter Hall
  • Sixth College – outside Sixth Res Halls
  • Warren Mall – outside of CMRR

If you see a device that isn’t working properly, please submit a Security System Trouble Report.