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blue emergency phone

Call Boxes and Courtesy Phones

The UC San Diego Police Department provides call boxes in many campus parking lots and structures for a direct line to request police assistance or a safety escort. Outdoor call boxes are blue towers with a blue strobe light.

Multiple broadcast towers,  labeled “EMERGENCY,” are located at main pedestrian thoroughfares. These towers double as call boxes. To use, lift the handset and/or press the button and you’ll be connected with police dispatch in 2-3 seconds. 

You can also contact the Police Department on courtesy phones located in or near buildings.


Parking Lots and Structures

  • P003 – Center of lot by Scripps Seaside Forum
  • P008 – Center of lot at Hubbs Hall
  • P010 – Center of lot at IGPP
  • P017 – Stephen Birch Aquarium at Expedition Way
  • P102 – North end at Scholars Drive
  • P206 – South of Faculty Club
  • P207 – East end by Peterson Hall
  • P303 – UCSD Extension entrance
  • P502 – North end
  • P510 – Center of lot and southwest of lot
  • P602 – Center of lot
  • P701 – Next to Triton Baseball Field
  • P702 – South of Scripps Hospital
  • P703 – South of lot
  • P704 – South of lot at Health Sciences Dr. and at shuttle stop
  • P759 – South of lot
  • P781 – East and west of lot at Science Research Park
  • Gilman Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level
  • Hopkins Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level
  • Mesa Nueva Parking – two call boxes on each level
  • One Miramar Street – two call boxes on each level
  • Pangea Parking Structure – two call boxes on each level

Other Locations

  • Blacks Beach Trailhead at La Jolla Farms Rd.
  • Challenge Course at Hopkins Drive
  • Downwind Way lot at Deep Sea Drilling
  • Hopkins Drive and Voigt Drive intersection
  • Hopkins Drive and North Point Lane intersection
  • South of Rita Atkinson at pedestrian bridge
  • The Village East #1 at Scholars Drive Nor
  • Torrey Pines Rd. at bus stop by Housing, Dining & Hospitality Services Administration

Broadcast Towers (map)

  • Library Walk – outside of Student Health
  • Library Walk – outside of Center Hall
  • Peterson Hill – outside of Cognitive Science
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Muir Uppers
  • Ridge Walk – outside of RIMAC Arena
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Biology
  • Ridge Walk – outside of Bonner Hall
  • School of Medicine – outside of Biomedical Library
  • School of Medicine – outside of Stein Clinical Research
  • SIO – outside of Ritter Hall
  • Sixth College – outside Sixth Res Halls
  • Warren Mall – outside of CMRR

Device Not Working?

If you see a broken device, please submit a Security System Trouble Report.