Active Shooter Preparedness

active shooter

Active Shooter Survival Education and Response Training (ASSERT) prepares and empowers individuals to react in the event of an active shooter incident. The training focuses on educating participants on available options which will allow them to participate in effecting their own and others' survival. While these events are always unpredictable, the training and concepts taught can better prepare someone to act when a critical incident occurs.

This course covers the following areas:

  • Defining a Critical Incident
  • A Brief History and Examination of Past Active Shooter Events
  • Examining Traditional and Trained Responses in a Crisis
  • The Importance of a Survival Mindset
  • Understanding the Human Reaction Phases, Creating Situational Awareness, and Pre-Planning
  • Defining the Run, Hide, Fight Concept
  • Understanding Law Enforcement Response

Completion of this course will allow individuals/departments to schedule additional training (e.g., Site Assessment, Scenario Training, or both) directly with training staff.

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An active shooter situation can occur anywhere at any time. While there is no one foolproof solution on how to respond to these events, here are a few resources that can help you prepare in the event of an active shooter situation.

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