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Housing Scam

The UC San Diego Police Department has information regarding a company that is the target of a criminal investigation. World Elites Housing Inc., also known as WeHousing, is a company that purportedly assists students across the United States locate housing, pay rent, and security deposits. Students pay the company directly and in turn, the company is supposed to pay property owners and managers. However, in the past two years, campus police departments across the country have begun to receive complaints about WeHousing. The complaints allege that students who used WeHousing’s services began to receive eviction notices because WeHousing never forwarded funds to property owners and managers.

The UC San Diego Police Department advises you to be cautious when dealing with intermediary companies during housing searches. It is preferable to deal directly with property owners and managers and to review and receive all contracts in writing. If possible, work with licensed attorneys, and real estate agents and brokers.

What to Do

If you believe you may have fallen victim to an intermediary company during a housing search, please contact the UC San Diego Police Department at (858) 534-4357.