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Residential Security Officers Honored for
Contributions to Diversity

The UC San Diego Police Department’s Residential Security Officer Program was recently recognized at the 22nd Annual Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity Awards. The program was one of 23 individuals, departments and organizational units commended for exceptional contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.

Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Becky Petitt, expressed gratitude for the Residential Security Officer Program and other award recipients. “I value your experience and your ideas, your commitment and your passion to making UC San Diego a better place. Your contributions are a testament to the fact that we all have a responsibility to create and maintain a healthy university community.”

The Residential Security Officer Program is the result of a partnership between the UC San Diego Police Department and Housing, Dining and Hospitality Services, which provides all student residents and their guests with a safe living and learning environment. Residential Security Officers (RSOs) are assigned to residential areas of each college, where they provide support to students and Residential Life staff by patrolling residential areas, enforcing housing policies and training Resident Advisors Liaisons among other tasks.   

As diversity at UC San Diego continues to grow— in 2016, UC San Diego admitted its most diverse class of freshmen and transfer students— RSOs must maintain a heightened awareness of diversity in order to ensure that the rights of all community members are upheld. To accomplish this, RSOs undergo cultural diversity training to become more educated about the varied needs of students and staff. Additionally, they provide educational student safety programs, including presentations that help familiarize international students with U.S. culture and laws, to guarantee that students are informed and aware of legal and safety matters regardless of their background.

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