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Commendations and Complaints

UC San Diego Police Department staff members are expected to uphold the university's mission while legally and properly performing their duties.


Let us know when police department employees perform their duties in an exemplary way so that we can recognize their good public service.


If you believe the conduct of police department employee is inappropriate, report it immediately. We promptly and thoroughly investigates all citizen and anonymous complaints to:

  • Preserve the morale and integrity of the department and its personnel
  • Foster public trust and confidence in the department and its personnel
  • Ensure that corrective or disciplinary action is taken when appropriate

What is your policy on filing complaints?

The safety and security of our campus is a joint effort. Community members and the police department work together to build a safe and peaceful campus community where the educational, research and public service goals of the university can be achieved. Through the complaint process, the UC San Diego Police Department would like to foster an open channel of communication with our community, which allows us to maintain the highest possible standards. Complaints also help us to protect the university community from possible misconduct and to provide a basis for a thorough and impartial investigative procedure to protect those departmental employees who perform their duties properly.

To this end, the UC Police Department welcomes constructive criticism of the department and valid complaints against its members or procedures. Conversely, if we are doing something you like and appreciate, we would like to hear about that as well.

How do I make a complaint?

A citizen complaint is a grievance that a citizen believes the police department should be aware of so a proper investigation can take place. You can file a citizen complaint against a police department employee:

UC San Diego Police Department
Internal Affairs Division
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0017
La Jolla, CA 92093-0017

Information received through the complaint form will be acted upon promptly with investigations conducted in accordance with applicable law and university policy. The complainant will be informed of the outcome of the investigation in accordance with California law, PC 823.7 (e) (1). The department or agency shall provide written notification to the complaining party of the disposition of the complaint within 30 days of the disposition.

Do I have to use the complaint form?

No. However, we encourage you to use the complaint form, which is available at the UC San Diego Police Department or online complaint form, because it provides us with sufficient information to start investigating your complaint.

Do I have to disclose my name and contact information?

No. You can make an anonymous complaint. However, we may not be able to obtain additional information from you, which may impede our ability to investigate your complaint. In addition, you will not be informed of the disposition of your complaint unless we have your contact information.

How much time do I have to submit a complaint?

Although you can submit a complaint at any time following an incident, we encourage you to submit the complaint as soon as possible.

What will happen to my complaint once you receive it?

You should receive an acknowledgement of your complaint promptly. In addition, at your request, we will send you a copy of the complaint you submitted and any statement you made at the time you filed the complaint. 

The Chief of Police, or a designee, will review your complaint and assign an investigator (unless your complaint is about the Chief, and then the complaint will go to his/her manager). The investigator may contact you to get additional information that will help him/her investigate your complaint. If an employee’s actions have violated any department rules, regulations, policies or laws, appropriate action will be taken.

What will you tell me about the results of any investigation?

Within 30 days of the complaint disposition, UC San Diego Police will notify you about the results of your complaint.

Data About Complaints Made Against UC San Diego Police Department Personnel

The complaints received from the public and their dispositions for the last two years are listed below.


  • Affiliated: UC San Diego student, staff or faculty
  • Non-Affiliated: All other individuals
  • Unfounded: When the investigation discloses that the alleged act(s) did not occur or did not involve Department personnel. Complaints which are determined to be frivolous will fall within the classification of unfounded.
  • Exonerated: When the investigation discloses that the alleged act occurred, but that the act was justified, lawful and/or proper.
  • Not Sustained: When the investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee.
  • Sustained: When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct.

Complaint types are determined based on the UC San Diego Police Department's Standards of Conduct.

Complainant Complaint Type Year Disposition
Non-Affiliated No Cause for Detention 2018 Unfounded
Non-Affiliated Discourtesy 2018 Unfounded
Affiliated Officiousness; Conduct Unbecoming; Improper Driving; Failure to Identify Self 2018 Not Sustained; Not Sustained; Not Sustained; Unfounded
Affiliated Excessive Conduct - Shouldn't have been handcuffed 2018 Exonerated
Affiliated Abusive Behavior; Discrimination; Unethical Behavior 2018 Unfounded; Unfounded; Unfounded
Affiliated Discourtesy 2018 Unfounded
Non-Affiliated False or inaccurate report; Discourteous  2019 Exonerated; Unfounded
Non-Affiliated No Cause for Detention 2019 Exonerated
Affiliated Multiple allegations (e.g., discourtesy, unlawful search and restraint) against multiple officers surrounding arrest of an affiliate 2019 All allegations against all officers either exonerated or unfounded.
Non-Affiliated Discourtesy 2019 All allegations against officer either exonerated or unfounded.


Harassment 2020 Under investigation/Pending


Conduct Unbecoming 2020 Under investigation/Pending


Profiling, Harassment   2020 *Under Investigation by OPHD

*Non-sworn employee

Will action be taken against the officer or employee?

If an officer or non-sworn employee has violated departmental rules or regulations, or other policies or laws, appropriate action will be taken.

Will I be informed of what action is taken?

We must comply with university policies and state and federal law regarding discipline taken against employees. Therefore, although we will notify you of the disposition of your complaint, we cannot provide you with information against what action, if any, is taken against the officer or employee.


For more information, see Contacts.