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Transformational Policing Initiative

UC San Diego has launched a transformational policing initiative.

Transformational policing is a cultural shift that promotes justice and equity, fostering trust, collaborative community relationships and empowering all officers to make positive change to the benefit of the communities they protect.

The focus of our professional development:

  • Empathy and emotional intelligence—appreciating others’ perspectives
  • Implicit bias
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building trust and community

This ongoing collaboration started more than a year ago, defining what equity, diversity and inclusion means for our police, and how we are partners in advancing the educational mission of the university.

Letters from the Chief of Police

UC San Diego Police Chief David Rose shares how the Police Department is working with campus and external partners to enhance training and education and foster a culture of inclusive excellence.

Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

The UC San Diego community engaged in a collaborative and inclusive effort to shape the future of our campus through the UC San Diego Strategic Plan, which provides a framework for sustainable excellence, defines our shared aspirations, and identifies five goals to unify our campus. The Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence was developed to aid in the creation of individual plans while affording each unit or division significant latitude to identify the goals and strategies best suited to them.

The Chancellor’s 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge

UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla called all Tritons to join him in taking one action a day, for 21 days, to further our awareness, compassion and understanding of the detrimental effects of structural racism on people of color in America. The Chancellor’s inaugural 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge ran from Aug. 7 to Sept. 4 and centered on anti-Blackness and the Black experience.

Presidential Task Force on Universitywide Policing

Recently retired University of California President Janet Napolitano created a task force to examine the investigative practices, use of force-related policies and training of the UC police departments in an effort to strengthen the departments’ practices and their relationships and interactions with the community. The Task Force report, finalized in early 2019, included 28 recommendations in six areas—the complaint process and policies; use of force, including training, polices and protocols; officer training; establishment of and standards for police advisory boards; community engagement; and transparency and reporting. In June 2020, the final implementation report was issued.