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community service officers

Student Community Service Official Program

Request a Safety Escort

Call (858) 534-9255, or extension 4-WALK from a campus phone, year-round between sunset and sunrise, to request that a student Community Service Official escort you to your campus destination. After 1 a.m., University Safety Officials may provide this service.

You can arrange a recurring escort so a CSO will meet you at the same place and time, which makes late-night service more convenient.

Student Community Service Officers Promote Campus Safety

Student Community Service Officers have supported safety on our campus for more than 40 years and the Police Department is always looking for students who are willing to serve. Dianna Lopez shares what it’s like to work as a CSO.

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Dianna Lopez

Need Event Support?

Community Service Officials can provide safety and security support for large campus events. UC San Diego Police Department has permanent CSO contracts with several campus departments/facilities. To ensure that we can accommodate as many requests as possible, please submit requests at least 45 days before the scheduled event. Note: A minimum charge of 3.5 hours at $25.30 per hour per CSO applies.

Submit an Event Support Request

Become a Community Service Official

The police department employs currently enrolled UC San Diego students as Community Service Officials (CSO) who provide many safety-related services, including:

  • Providing walking escorts for UC San Diego students, faculty and staff to their campus destinations at night
  • Patrolling parking lots
  • Locking buildings
  • Directing vehicle traffic
  • Assisting with medical emergencies (all CSOs are trained in CPR/First Aid)
  • Providing security support at campus events (check IDs, monitor crowds, etc.)

Work Hours

  • CSOs primarily work during evening hours and are required to be available to work at least one weekend day and two weekdays each week. CSOs are only scheduled to work 10–19 hours per week.
  • Occasionally, CSOs will work an overnight shift, 11:15 p.m. to 7:45 a.m.
  • CSOs are not expected to work during scheduled classes. We make every effort to accommodate reasonable scheduling requests.


CSOs earn $17.55–$19.85 per hour and additional $.52 per hour when working after 6 p.m.


Applicants need no experience but must:

  • Be a student in good academic standing.
  • Pay UC San Diego student services fees each quarter working.
  • Be able to perform walking escorts.
  • Complete a background check.

Special Conditions of Employment

CSOs are required to:

  • Carry Personal Protective Equipment during their shifts. The department issues approved masks and gloves.
  • Attend department-sponsored CPR/First Aid training.

Currently, we are not accepting applications.


For more information about the Community Service Official program, contact Sgt. Sheldon King (858) 822-1177.