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How Do I

Ways to Report

Call for an Emergency or Crime in Progress

Dial 9-1-1 from your mobile phone, a campus phone or blue light call box to reach a campus police dispatcher immediately.

Other Options

Leave an Anonymous Tip

We use P3 Global Intel Tip Management Software so campus and community members can report a crime or share crime tips anonymously online.

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Report a Safety Hazard

Campus community members can report safety hazards, like street or walkway lights out, fallen tree, hanging branches, trip hazards, etc., by phone or online.

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Lost and Found

If you lost an item on or near campus, check to see if someone found it. If you found something, you can turn it in at Campus Curbside.

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Safety Escorts

UC San Diego student Community Service Officers provide many safety-related services, including year-round campus safety escorts. UC San Diego students, staff and faculty can request an escort from sunset to sunrise.

Request a Safety Escort

Community Service Officers