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Physical Security Program

A physical security program is designed to protect facilities, equipment, people and property from harm or damage. At a campus the size of UC San Diego, this is no small feat.

Our department is constantly working to enhance physical security systems on campus so that we can respond in the most efficient and effective manner. We offer a variety of services including:

Site Assessments

A security site assessment examines and analyzes the actual, perceived or anticipated risks that may impact normal operations. During an assessment, a professional who has been trained specifically to identify risks and provide recommendations based on industry best-practices will review the physical location. The assessment will:   

  • Determine existing security conditions and protection needed for specific location
  • Identify risks, security-related vulnerabilities and deficiencies
  • Make recommendations for improvement

It is important to note that technology is only a tool in a holistic approach to security — the combination of vigilance, personal responsibility, adherence to policy and procedure, implementation of systems and active participation by stakeholders all impact the security of our community and success of our program. 

To schedule a security assessment:

  1. Complete the Security Site Assessment Request.
  2. Complete the Physical Security Systems Site Survey as much as possible. This form will be reviewed as part of the assessment process.


For more information about our physical security program, contact Robert Meza, (858) 822-6667.


SIEMENS Service Call 24/7: (888) 693-8711

Request a Quote (after PD assessment): Mesquite Moriarty, Account Executive, (858) 275-4377

Project-Related Questions:

Existing Service Work:

  • Tim Carstensen (UC San Diego only), Security Service Technician, (858) 226-9046
  • Javier Villasenor, Security Service Operations Supervisor, (858) 226-6649