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blue emergency phone

Call Boxes

The UC San Diego Police Department provides call boxes in many campus parking lots and structures for a direct line to request police assistance or a safety escort. Outdoor call boxes are blue towers with a blue strobe light.

Multiple broadcast towers,  labeled “EMERGENCY,” are located at main pedestrian thoroughfares. These towers double as call boxes. To use, lift the handset and/or press the button and you’ll be connected with police dispatch in 2-3 seconds. 

Emergency Phone Locations

Parking Lots and Structures

  • Athena Parking Structure – 13 locations
  • Campus Point Parking Structure – 16 locations
  • Campus Point Parking Structure East #1
  • Campus Point Parking Structure East #2
  • Faculty Club South
  • Gilman Parking Structure – 24 locations
  • Hopkins Parking Structure – 41 locations
  • P003 – Entry
  • P008 – Hubbs Conference Center
  • P010 – Martin Johnson House
  • P014 – West NOAA Fisheries
  • P016 – North Downwind Way
  • P017 – Birch Aquarium Expedition Way East
  • P101 – South 64 Degrees
  • P201 –  Scholars Lane
  • P303 – South
  • P384 – Gliderport North
  • P385 – South Sanford
  • P510 – North and South Voigt Drive
  • P602 – Entry
  • P603 – South Rita Pathway
  • P701 – Triton Stadium Entry
  • P704 – Health Sciences Drive
  • P781 – South and West La Jolla Institute for Immunology
  • P782 – North Entry and South
  • Scholars Parking Structure – 17 locations
  • Scripps Memorial Hospital South Parking
  • Seaweed Canyon Lot
  • South Parking Structure – 18 locations

Other Locations

  • Central Campus Station
    • Platform North
    • Restrooms
  • Design and Innovation Building South Ground Level
  • Epstein Family Amphitheater
  • Faculty Club South
  • Franklin Antonio Hall Entry
  • Housing*Dining*Hospitality Administration Building Scholars Drive South
  • Hopkins and Northpoint Lane
  • Hopkins and Voigt Drive
  • I-5 Bike Path
    • Genessee Avenue
    • Voigt Drive
  • La Jolla Village Drive Bridge North
  • Marshall Field Scholars Drive North Bridge
  • MCTF Biological Grade
  • Mesa Pedestrian Bridge
    • East Miramar St.
    • West Medical Center Drive
  • North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood
    • East Courtyard
    • West Courtyard
  • Par Exercise Station #13
  • Pepper Canyon Rim Pedestrian Path
    • North
    • South
  • Seventh East 1 Scholars Drive North
  • UC San Diego Health La Jolla Station
    • Ground Level East
    • Ground West
    • North Platform
    • Preuss
    • South Platform
  • Voigt Drive and Innovation Lane Roundabout
  • Warren Shuttle Stop 

Types of Emergency Phones

Solar Blue Light Tower Emergency Phone

Suited for parking lots and structures, campus environments, biking/hiking trails, transit stations, offices, etc. Features:

  • Solar with battery back-up provides uninterrupted power
  • Highly visible constantly lit blue LED light on top of the tower for easy location
  • Illuminated faceplate when button is pressed
  • Call location identifier
  • Multi-button dialing
    • EMERGENCY: Emergency
    • INFO/HELP: Non-emergency calls usually relating to lost and found, directions, or questions
  • Self-diagnostic, alarm monitoring system firmware provides daily email reports on system operational status

solar blue light tower emergency phone

Blue Light Tower Emergency Phone

Ideal for remote and/or high-risk areas where wide-area audio broadcast is desired. Features:

  • Concealed high-power speakers provide 360-degree coverage
  • On-site announcement capability
  • Constantly illuminated LED blue light mounted atop unit flashes for duration of call when button is pressed
  • Constantly illuminated LED faceplate

blue light tower emergency phone

Pedestal-Mount Emergency Phone

Suitable for mounting practically anywhere. Features:

  • Used for mass transit, high pedestrian pathways, door/gate entry 
  • Constantly illuminated LED faceplate

pedestal emergency phone

Broadcast Tower Locations (map)

  • Library Walk
    • Outside Student Health
    • Outside Center Hall
  • Nuevo East
    • Outside Exchange
    • Outside Astilla
    • Outside Piedra
    • Outside Capa
  • Nuevo West
    • Outside Arena on walking path
    • Outside Artesa on walking path
    • Outside Cala on walking path
  • Peterson Hill – outside Cognitive Science
  • Ridge Walk
    • Outside Muir Uppers
    • Outside RIMAC Arena
    • Outside Biology
    • Outside Bonner Hall
  • School of Medicine
    • Outside Biomedical Library
    • Outside Stein Clinical Research
  • SIO – outside Ritter Hall
  • Sixth College – outside Sixth Residential Halls
  • Warren Mall – outside CMRR

Device Not Working?

If you see a broken device, please submit a Security System Trouble Report.