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UC San Diego Police Budget

The UC San Diego Police Department is comprised of sworn and non-sworn staff whose primary mission is to keep the campus and its community safe. The budget consists of core funds and funds generated from self-supporting activities.

The Police Department offers many programs and safety services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including but not limited to, communications, dispatch, 911, residential and non-residential security, safety escorts, community programs, and training.

The Police Department is budgeted for 93 full-time employees (FTE), which consists of 45 sworn (police officers) and 48 non-sworn employees. As of February 2021, the Police Department employed 75 UC San Diego students. Including student employees, 26.8% of all department employees are sworn officers. The overall department budget is $13.9M. The Core budget is $9.5M and primarily supports operations. The remaining $4.4M consists of programs that are charged on a for-fee-service. Roughly 90% of the department budget funds compensation and 10% supports communications equipment, vehicles, and other supplies. (Note: Numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.)

FY 2018/19

FY 2019/20

FY 2020/21

Perm budget per ledgers1








FY 2018/19

FY 2019/20

FY 2020/21





Community Service Officer Program3




Physical Security4




Total Core







Self-Supporting (Recharge Activities)8








Residential Security Officer  Program6




Community Service Officer Program7




Total Self Supporting (Recharge Activities)







Work Study (under Contract & Grants)












  1. Permanent Core budget
  2. Police Core Budget (includes sworn, dispatch, administrative, records); FY20 decrease due to administrative leave savings, freeze in hiring/expenditure (COVID-19), and vacancies
  3. Community Service Officer Program: CSOs are student employees. The core program mission is providing safety escorts, they also provide security functions for various campus departments on a recharge basis (see 7 below)
  4. Campus Physical Security Program: The program is designed to protect facilities, equipment, people, and property from harm or damage through physical security efforts, e.g., building access control systems, alarm monitoring (fire/intrusion/duress/video surveillance)
  5. 4 Police Officer FTE, 2 Bike Enforcement Officer FTE (non-sworn), police services for events, e.g., Sun God Festival, Commencement
  6. Residential Security Officer Program funded by Housing*Dining*Hospitality: RSOs patrol housing areas at night and respond to service calls in residential areas. Funded for 24 RSO FTE, 2 Sergeant FTE, 4 Lieutenant FTE
  7. Community Service Officer Program: CSOs are student employees. The core mission of the program is providing safety escorts; they also provide security functions for various campus departments, e.g., library study details, security patrols at SIO, construction traffic control
  8. Self-supporting/recharge programs are charged on a for-fee-service structure.